The National Federation
of the Blind
of Indiana

The NFB of Indiana is the state affiliate of the National Federation of the Blind in Baltimore Maryland. We help blind persons achieve self-confidence and self-respect, provide information and referral services, scholarships, protection of civil rights, develop and evaluate technology, and support blind persons and their families. We welcome participation by both blind and sighted.

Live the Life You Want!

The National Federation of the Blind of Indiana knows that blindness is not the characteristic  that defines you or your future. Every day we raise the expectations of blind people because low  expectations create obstacles between blind people and our dreams. Live the life you want; blindness is not what holds you back!

Weekly Live Chats

Join us live, Saturdays at 2PM Eastern, 1PM Central, using Zoom Conference. Pam Schnurr, first Vice President, NFB of Indiana moderates these open discussions. Share what you do to stay busy, difficulties you are experiencing and useful tips. Ask for help with any problems you are having. Help each other, prevent feelings of isolation and make new friends. Give us suggestions for future topics you would like us to discuss. Connect using your telephone, iPhone, tablet or windows computer.
Listen to first NFB Indiana Weekly Meeting Using Zoom Conference, April 4, 2020

Connect using Windows, iPhone, android or Mac
Call with iPhone, Android Phone, or Skype
Or call with your home phone: 646 876 9923
Enter the 10 digit pin: 990 814 1333 followed by the Pound key.

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To read CoronaVirus COVID-19 information On NFB-NEWSLINE using the telephone, press 5 from the main menu, press 1 for Breaking News, and 1 again for virus information. If using the NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile iOS app, look for virus information under the “All Publications” section.

NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana allows the blind, and those unable to read print, to read over 500 newspapers, magazines, TV listings and career opportunities. No affiliation with any blindness organization is required. Access with your iPhone, computer, Amazon Echo, Victor Reader Stream and telephone. Share with family, friends, fellow students, coworkers, and any Indiana resident you think may be interested in this free service. Sign up for the Free NFB-NEWSLINE® Indiana Service today.

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