By Mark A. Riccobono

Members of the National Federation of the Blind have been receiving reports
of third parties trying to sell attendee lists for our state conventions and
other Federation events. The National Federation of the Blind and its
affiliates never sell member, attendee, or sponsor/exhibitor data in any
way. These messages are not legitimate and should not be responded to or
interacted with in any way.

You may also receive email messages from a third party about helping with
booking flights, hotels, rental cars, and other items related to state
conventions or other Federation events. In most, if not all, cases these
email messages are not legitimate either. Any third party reaching out about
these solicitations should be confirmed with your state affiliate president
or Federation event coordinator before you have any interaction with these
third parties.

The issues described above are becoming more of an occurrence with all
conventions and trade shows in recent years. Please be vigilant when
reviewing any emails like these. If you do receive emails like these
claiming to be from the National Federation of the Blind or one of our
affiliates or leaders, please forward them to email This
mailbox will be used for reporting purposes only, no support. With this we
can monitor what types of illegitimate emails are falsely using the
Federation’s name and targeting our membership.