The Mueller report which has been made available through some news outlets nationwide, is now on NFB-NEWSLINE for all subscribers. The Mueller report is a dense and lengthy document with numerous redactions and footnotes. Due to the length and format of the document, we would like our subscribers to be aware of a few items pertaining to the report.

There are two volumes to the report; volume one, which is 199 pages, and volume two which is 182 pages and four appendices. The volumes were transcribed to best match the original format and therefor includes extensive footnotes and redactions. The footnotes are in the same order you would find in the original text flow. Redactions are under three categories:

  1. Harm to ongoing matter, abbreviated as HOM or H.O.M.
  2. Grand Jury
  3. Personal Privacy, abbreviated as P.P.

If there are typos in the transcription, these are due to the text extraction process and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Our best was done to correct some mistakes generated during this process, however some may remain due to the extensive amount of original material.

To access the report via phone, select option five from the main menu, and then press five again for National Meetings of Interest to the print disabled, then select the volume you wish to read. To access the report via web or app, please select publications, publication options, publication groups and then National Meetings of Interest to the print disabled. If there are any issues you may find while reading the Mueller report, please let us know. As always thank you for being an avid user of NFB-NEWSLINE!

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