NFB of Indiana State board meeting, January 11, 2022

Meeting started at 7:07 PM. Secretary report was given. Ron moved, Michael seconded, Minutes were approved.

Treasurers report was given. A deposit of $1000 sponsorship was given by Vanda Pharmaceuticals. Withdraws were made for the PAC plan and scholarships. Our current balance is: $16,566.35. Abby moved and Tyler seconded, report was approved.

Washington seminar

Three virtual appointments have been scheduled. It was recommended to hold all meetings virtually, since representatives are not meeting people in person. National held their first training last night and we can hold more local training if needed. Tyler gave dates for national’s training dates remaining. Chris discussed bills being presented in the house and senate. Also talked about the bills for amendment and/or bills we should support.

Chapter development

Chapter revitalization Indiana Parents of Blind Children division (IPOBC) Meetings are held on the second Thursdays of the month at 7:30 PM. The meetings are held on zoom now. We hope to have an in person meeting when
COVID calms down. Abby Fleenor is the president. If you know people wishing to start chapters let us know.

State convention

Lafayette is checking on hotels. The decision of the date of convention is usually made at the April meeting. Hoping to hold convention the second weekend in October. May be location just outside of Lafayette.

Fund raising

Jean Brown stated no plans yet. Participation in Hoosier 2020 campaign has happened but she is urging more people to participate. Monthly payments can be made. Tammy said there is a pay pal account that can be linked to the 2020 campaign. Lee asked what is the percent pay pal charges. Michael gave the example of 3% and 30 cents on $20 that would be $0.90. Lee mentioned please make sure funds are tracked so we know that the funds are received. It was stated to make sure you tag your payment as donation. Call or email Jean if interested in helping with fund raising or if you have any fund raising ideas.


We currently have one applicant that has completed the application and submitted documents. There is also one that has submitted application but, no documents. The committee is made up of Abby Fleenor, Susan Jones, Ray Montgomery, and
Lee Martin.


Balance: $29,297.81. 27 new sign ups. They are still working virtually. We are submitting reports to national and state quarterly.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI)

Meetings are held the last Monday of the month, 7:00 pm. Working trying to evolved chapters and affiliate. A meeting was held with the national DEI. Lee stated good things came from that meeting. Requesting input from all.


Florence was absent.

Communications and Media Outreach

Michael Lauf is the chair for this committee. Website and social media ideas given were:
Hotline to advertise and help get new members.
Chapter pages to share events and help promote the chapters.
Reach out if interested. A meeting will be scheduled soon. Ron Brown and Tyler Sherck stated interested in assisting with this committee.

New business

Chris recommended doing virtual. Representatives and senators do not wish to have in person meetings. Reasons given were covid and airlines canceling flights. Washington seminar is February 7th to the 10th. A motion was made by Abby to have Washington seminar totally virtual. Ron seconded. It was stated to notify national of cancelation. Also, have Mika cancel hotel room. Ron recommends all board participate. The steps were talked about when giving a presentation to the meeting
representatives: Announce bill, tell story, and offer solution. Tammy added her thoughts about how the process works. Chapter presidents reach out to your members asking for help.

Bell Academy

Alex Gilland coordinator. Question is in person or virtual. It was discussed and decided we would attend the national virtual academy. Kids 4 to 12 can apply. It was suggested to get grant and have in person BELL academy in 2023. Tammy moved to table in person BELL academy and attend virtual. Ron and Tyler seconded. Motion carried.

National Convention

7/5 7/10. It was recommended to book exit flights for the 11th. Discussed hotel policy for deposit and refunds.

Christopher Myer had problems with indigo driver. President recommended filing complaint.

We discussed training on leadership and history, who we are and where did we come from? Focus on why we are an organization. Michael mentioned national leadership training in Baltimore. Ron confirmed yes twice a year and says yes we could have an affiliate training. Tammy agrees offer to all let people know why are we here, could be separate or part of convention. Ray also in favor. Leadership and history event mid may. Tyler moved, Ron seconded, motion carried.

Kane asked about supporting med-works plan. Kane will resend to list-serve. Board will be polled.

Mentorship committee: Cori, Christopher and Kane. Publicity campaign; attempt to let them know blind people are worth hiring. Educate employers about what we have available to assist us with employment and or can do change minds. Discussion was had about this matter. Kane will investigate and find opportunities.

Michael Lauf asked the question: What should we do with recordings? Minutes should be posted, and recordings available upon request. Link would be provided to president and secretary. Ron moved, Abby seconded. President would create a Text list for the board.

Abby moved, Michael seconded to adjourn meeting.
adjourned 10:02 PM
Respectfully submitted, Abagail Fleenor