Finding a job when you have a disability can be an overwhelming experience. There is so much to consider. Will working mean losing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Social Security Insurance (SSI)? Fortunately, there is a program called Ticket To Work and it solely exists for situations like these! The Ticket To Work program helps people with disabilities between the ages of 18 to 64 prepare for and enter the workforce. This can include defining job skills, preparing for interviews, and preparing for work life.

While most people are more than eager to gain financial independence, some are nervous about losing their SSDI or SSI. It is a valid concern; however, steps are taken so that the transition happens slowly. It is broken down into two phases. Phase 1, or what is commonly referred to as the Trial Work Period takes place over a 9 month period. During this time frame, the participant can make as much money as they want and still keep their benefits.

If employment continues longer than 9 months, they will enter into phase two, which is known as Extended Period of Eligibility. It is at this point that some benefits could be reduced. As of 2019 and in the state of Indiana, a person can make $1,220 a month without having any of their benefits decreasing.
However, even if the earnings were about the allotted amount, a participant may be able to keep more of their benefits if some of the wages were used to pay some health expenses out of pocket. Think of it this way: normally people have deductibles they have to meet before their health insurance assists with their medical bills. The same holds true in this scenario. Read the full article at