Do you need quality medical personnel with Experience with Epic and supported insurance platforms?
•Work queue management.
•Outbound Calling Campaigns.
•Patient Portal Helpdesk Support.
•Patient Registrations.
•After-Hours Messaging and Paging.
•Appointment Scheduling.
•Assistance for non-English speaking patients.
•Contact Center Overflow.
•COVID Support, Internal/External.
•Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Employment.
•Referral Processing.

All our staff possess the necessary skills including computer proficiency, medical and insurance terminology, great listening skills, and accurate data entry. We achieve HIGHER RETENTION RATES than the industry standard. Our experienced diverse personnel include minorities, veterans, the blind, visually impaired, and other disabilities. They are eager to work, willing to learn current and future technologies, exceed expectations, have lower absentee rates, and receive impressive performance reviews by both clients and supervisors.

We welcome the opportunity to offer quality, productive, competent, and motivated personnel to help meet your needs and plan for future growth. We work with the Chicago Lighthouse who assists over one hundred Primary and Specialty hospitals and clinics with all services listed above. In 2021, they answered 80% of calls within 20 seconds, and managed over 6.5 million calls, averaging eight minutes per call. With over a decade of modern healthcare industry experience, including over fifty years of training medical terminology and transcription, The Chicago Lighthouse’s innovative services result in Operational Efficiency, Increased Revenue, Centralized Services, Expansion Opportunities, and a Stable, Highly Capable Workforce.

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