The National Federation of the Blind is excited to announce that the updated NFB-NEWSLINE mobile app beta version is now available to download on your iPhones and iPads. Included in the app is the KNFB Reader Basic which provides the useful core features at no cost. Within the KNFB Reader section, just point and shoot for access to print on-the-go. This beta version is a pre-released, advanced development of the app. Your participation and feedback expand the amount of testing done, which will help us develop a better product. Note: Installing this beta app will overwrite your existing NFB-NEWSLINE mobile app. Enjoy NFB-NEWSLINE and KNFB Reader Basic, together!

How to get the app:

Download the Test Flight app on your device Then, on your device, select NFB-NEWSLINE 3.0 Beta. You’ll need your NFB-NEWSLINE login credentials. Share your feedback or request assistance by calling
866-504-7300 or