Aira is offering a 7-day trial with 30 minutes free for Guests to try the service. Some of that time will be used for setting up your account preferences and answering your questions about the service. The remaining time is free to use for any task. Remember, if you wish to sign up for continued monthly service, and are a NFb member, ask for the NFB plan which gives you your choice of 30 monthly minutes for $20 instead of $29, or 140 minutes instead of 120 minutes for $99. This free 7-day 30 minute offer is available for a limited time, and is only valid for people who have either never used the service before, or who have guest accounts and have never paid for Aira service.

Read the full announcement and Questions To create a free account, download the Aira app on your smartphone by searching for “Aira” in the Apple App or Google Play store, or Click here to enter your phone number to receive a message containing a link to download to your phone.

Open the app, choose “Tap to use Aira as a Guest for FREE!” and register with an email and phone number. You’ll then get a text message confirming your phone number. Follow the directions in that text. If you already have a free account, start using the 7-Day Trial by tapping the button on the Aira app home screen that says “Tap here to start your 7-day free trial”.